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Keemstar youtube

He used to be friends with LeafyIsHere until Leafy turned on him. Keemstar is generally hated by most YouTubers and it's rare to find anyone who actually likes him. Keemstar was invited to become a member of a trolling group called the " Federation of Asshole Gamers " or F G.

He had a selectively large fanbase of 11 year olds which he dubbed "Keemstar Nation. Keemstar made around 10 YouTube channels after that, but they all got deleted cuz Keem can't follow YouTube's Terms of Service for shit. Eventually, Keemstar decided to pursue his goal of becoming a journalist and created DramaAlert. To avoid having his channel get deleted Keemstar had someone else create the channel for him, as YouTube does not allow you to create another channel after your first one gets deleted.

LeafyIsHere came into contact with Keemstar after DramaAlert reported on the "hissing" meme and cited Leafy as its source. Over time, Leafy would eventually become semi-friends with Keemstar. GradeAUnderA was initially working on an exposed video on Keemstar, however, as Grade sifted through Keemstar's past trolling videos, he eventually took a liking to him and contacted him to let him know what he was doing.

In response to Pyrocynical 's video criticizing Keemstar for his handling of the Tobuscus rape controversy, Keemstar leaked pictures of Pyro's face and posted them on Twitter.

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Pyrocynical later made a video explaining his side of the story. Seeing that Keemstar was becoming unpopular, LeafyIsHere considered jumping ship. Leafy later made a video exposing Keemstar, resulting in Keemstar losing massive amounts of subscribers.

GradeAUnderA also uploaded a two-part video exposing Keemstar. In in, he calls for everyone to band together to MakeYouTubeGreatAgain one last time and stated that he had a plan to take down Keemstar. He also exposes some more of the shit Keem has done and calls for his fans to subscribe to Keemstar's competitor, Scarcein order to take him down.

In response to the hate towards him, Keemstar took a break and left TyTrendsto run DramaAlert in his absence. He also posted on Twitter his "side of the story". In his post, he claims he gave Leafy his first big shout-out and that he convinced him to donate to FUPA, an account started by h3h3 to defend YouTubers from false copyright strikes.

He also states that the reason for Leafy turning him on was because someone told Leafy he was talking shit about him and GradeAUnderA behind their backs.

keemstar youtube

It's not because he threatened to doxx or release his private DMs or anything. He ended by apologizing for saying the "N" word eight years ago. His "break from the Internet" went on and off for three days. He held a poll on Twitter to determine whether or not he should return to host DramaAlert. After the majority of people voted "No", he held another poll and, despite getting an even worse result, he announced he would be returning to host DramaAlert anyway.

Leafy was initially not going to make another video on the Gnome King, but after Keemstar started threatening to release the private info of YouTubers who were going to make videos about him, Leafy decided to make another video on him.

Eventually, the combined efforts of Leafy and Grade caused DramaAlert to lose oversubscribers though ironically, they also brought the channel more views than ever before. This, ironically, brought more hate to the channel; this time from the year-old members of DramaAlert Nationwho were still loyal to Keem and didn't take kindly to someone else filling his position.

Keemstar stilled owned the channel, however, and Ty claimed that Keem will still host the show from time to time.Subscriber Account active since. A prominent, longtime sponsorship in the Youtube gaming community has ended after an explosive video attacked Daniel "Keemstar" Keem's conduct as an independent YouTube drama reporter and host of "DramaAlert," his flagship YouTube channel with more than 5 million subscribers.

Klein accused Keem of lying about Klein committing felony fraud and accepting profits from video game company Starbreeze Studios to fight a prominent copyright infringement complaint. Klein spoke to Starbreeze's Global Brand Director on-camera to dispute Keem's claim and brought forward other examples of Keem's controversial behavior and journalistic practices. One of Klein's repeated points was that G Fuel — a gaming and esports energy drink company with prominent gaming personality sponsorships — continued to sponsor Keem, despite these ethical questions and controversial feuds.

Keem was a longtime G Fuel partner who had his own discount code and cotton candy energy drink flavor, and G Fuel has also recruited other personalities, including members of esports group FaZe Clan, who have similar sponsorships. In his response to Klein, titled " H3h3 lies ," Keem announced that he was no longer sponsored by G Fuel.

Keem said he "walked away" from G Fuel after Klein questioned the sponsorship, spawning hate comments and requests to drop Keem on G Fuel's recent social media posts. Keem plans to release another response video to Klein's "Content Nuke" addressing even more of Klein's arguments, but he released one response entirely focused on his involvement with Desmond Amofah, a gaming YouTuber known by Etika online who died by suicide in June Keem hosted a number of DramaAlert segments with Etika, including one episode when he interviewed Amofah shortly after he was discharged from a mental health facility he had been taken to by police officers.

Klein criticized Keem for what Klein suggested was egging on Amofah. At one point, Keem hypothetically asked Amofah to consider jumping off a building. Klein pointed out that weeks later, Amofah disappeared before being found by authorities and pronounced dead.

In "H3h3 lies," Keem accused Klein of blaming him for Amofah's death, although Klein never specifically blamed Keem for causing Amofah to die by suicide. In a follow-up tweet, Klein wrote "I most certainly did not blame keemstar for etikas [sic] death.

I think he created an extremely toxic environment for him and others. But Keem said the implication that him telling Amofah to consider jumping off a building his death equated to Klein saying Keem "killed Etika.

Both seemingly said Keem was not to blame for Amofah's death. Keem also argued that Klein's video was not being received positively in the YouTube community, but Klein's video currently has a much higher like-to-dislike ratio than Keem's does.

keemstar youtube

Business Insider logo The words "Business Insider". Close icon Two crossed lines that form an 'X'. It indicates a way to close an interaction, or dismiss a notification. Account icon An icon in the shape of a person's head and shoulders. It often indicates a user profile. A leading-edge research firm focused on digital transformation. World globe An icon of the world globe, indicating different international options. Kat Tenbarge.Daniel Keemalso known as DJ Keemstaralso known as Gnomestar is an unapologetically shitty person and a massive edgelord whom made defamation campaigns against multiple individuals, before being called out on it in iDubbbz's content cop.

Keemstar owns Drama Alert, a notorious drama-driven Youtube channel that discusses news surrounding drama and gossip. The channel has over 5 millions subscribers with only a fifth of them being active. Keemstar is an absolute edgelord who loves to be openly racist against people he hates and he admitted to act like a troll in the past during online matches on video games. Additionally, Keemstar tends to make hot takes on Twitter which rarely ends well.

For instance, he makes tweets for the sole purpose of starting a flamewar on taboo topics. When he does not make hot takes, Keemstar is especially controversial in regards to his own opinions on Twitter.

For instance, he is a big fan of the current US president, Donald John Trump, which is bad optics in his regard considering he has been openly racist in the past. The first known instance where Keemstar was called out on his behavior was back when he was a part of a trolling group called Federation of Asshole Gamers Abbreviated F G which would take part in gang banging a single player during online matches on Halo and Call Of Duty.

Once the group dissolved, Keemstar was on his own and opened accounts on several websites to spread his personal dogma online. Keemstar called Alex a "Stupid Nigger" on his livestream on BlogTV stream and encouraged his chat to spam the racist slur, either on his own chat or on Alex's chat, the context is missing to affirm what was the intention of Keemstar here. Lastly, Keemstar said " I'm gonna find out- " in the same clip that went viral indicating that Keemstar had the intention to doxx Alex.

Keemstar alleges he called Alex the N-word because Alex called him " Italian slurs " beforehand. This video also includes a racist and exaggerated rant on how black people are above the law in comparison to white people, narrated by DJ Keemstar.

keemstar youtube

Back inTheSyndicateProject was catfighting another Youtuber known as Nicholas Deary because the former took the latter's video and re-uploaded said video onto his Youtube channel, monetized it and gave no credits to Nicholas Deary leaving him no choice, but to speak up about it. Despite the fact TheSyndicateProject was clearly in the wrong, Keemstar came to his defense. Because of this, Nicholas Deary received a lot of hate while TheSyndicateProject mocked Nicholas and Keemstar boasted about doxxing him in one of his livestreams.

Eventually, Nicholas addressed the harassment in the following video below:. Cr1tikal then made a rant video to discuss this drama, and within the video, there is the clip of Keemstar boasting about doxxing Nicholas Deary. It is available below:. This was the golden era for cringe culture and drama culture. The old man cried on-stream. A longer clip video with Tony is available here. Later on, he made an excuse for his behavior, his excuse being " Whoops, my mistake!

I'm gonna change. Youtubers like Leafyishere later called out Keemstar on his behavior and his attempt to damage control. Years later, in late March more precisely, RSGloryAndGold said he would still receive hateful comments due to his allegations of Pedophilia and, according to him, it only stopped after H3H3 called Keemstar out See below.

Bashurverse was the next victim of Keemstar's witch hunts. Keemstar uploaded one video accusing Bashur of being a Pedophile alongside reporting an actual Pedophile, Lionmaker.

Bashur could not handle it, so he made an extremely emotional vent to the brim of a mental breakdown, before deleting his entire Youtube channel. While it was happening at the same time, Keemstar was also claiming that Toby "Tobuscus" Turner was a stalker with weak evidence.

It is worth noting.


Keemstar relentlessly harassed Pyrocynical during livestreams and accused him of " being a furry that goes to furry conventions to get fucked in the ass by a guy in a giraffe costume ".YouTuber Daniel Keem, aka Keemstar, aka DramaAlert has suggested — not for the first time — that he's actually a psychic genius.

When old tweets resurface for influencers especially ones this problematicit's not usually good news. But Keem's latest tweet aims to actually highlight a tweet fromin which he says that "corona virus" is the "new back plague". People are pretty sceptical and Keem hasn't responded to any of the replies which are questioning the legitimacy of the tweet and asking him to elaborate on how on earth he predicted the pandemic seven years ago.

Whether real or not, there are in fact lots of reasons why someone may have had the impetus to tweet something along these lines based ingiven the MERS outbreak of was heavily reported, and MERS is another type of coronavirus. Keemstar is not well-regarded within the YouTube community.

He is a self-professed Trump supporter who's used his platform of millions to praise his actions such as "exposing" CNN as "fake news". Keemstar has previously been accused of making racist comments and unfounded allegations of paedophilia.

He was also accused of exacerbating the mental health conditions of YouTuber Etika, who went on to take his own life.

All in all, not the most beloved of characters, as evidenced by a petition asking for him to be banned from YouTube, which was signed by more than 60, people. Posted Thursday 12 March by Sirena Bergman in news. When it comes to the coronavirus outbreak, considering his history, perhaps him saying he "called it" is actually the least offensive comment we could expect from him.

Log in using your social network account. Submit Forgotten your password?He is also known as one of the founding members and hosts of the Baited Podcast.

Friday Fortnite was introduced in Maybut was shut down quickly. The tournament did come back inbut for only a brief period.

Someone in his game session recorded him talking trash about the game in which Daniel was doing so as a result of drinking hours priorwho then uploaded it to YouTube. He was unaware of this until he received various messages about the video, learning it was on YouTube. The people who uploaded the video eventually contacted Daniel, asking him to be a part of their group channel called F.

Before Daniel's original YouTube account got taken down, he was inactive until Early DramaAlert videos mainly focused on Call of Duty information. However, this new channel would only last until January 11,when it too was also terminated.

That channel was then terminated in earlypossibly due to COD beef. In he also created a separate YouTube news channel, TheDramaAlert which also got terminated in early It is unknown why the last two channels got terminated but it's possibly due to allegations related to his "toxicity" in the gaming community which eventually died down. DramaAlert was created when Daniel saw YouTubers fighting on Twitter in late and noticed the ridiculous popularity of videos discussing such topics.

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One day he made a video about drama, which made the idea take off. On July 2,the ratings on DramaAlert were disabled but are now enabled once again.

Because of his history of posting controversial content, including trolling videos, Daniel, despite being the creator and host of DramaAlert, did not have access to the YouTube channel and was permanently banned from operating a YouTube account until August when he realized his ban was lifted.

Daniel was the founder and co-host of the "Baited! Podcast" from to The podcast was also co-hosted by Colossal is Crazy and Tommy C.

The podcast became very popular early on withreaching the top 20 on the iTunes charts, even beating out "The Joe Rogan Experience" at one point.

In JuneColossal returned to the podcast permanently. In lateAnything4views later left the podcast to pursue his own podcast "Cold Ones". On March 18th,Daniel announced that "Baited!

Daniel was a founding member in several incarnations of Thrust Nationa gaming organization he led alongside Mala, a former FaZe member. Though Thrust repeatedly came to an end one way or another. InDaniel was a moderator on Battlecam. Apparently, more users recognized Daniel as a moderator than Alex, so they thought Daniel was being selfish and putting himself on the website, although, in reality, it was Alex.

Now it is unknown if Alex did so to anger Daniel or was doing it because he thought he was being nice and giving him more positive recognition on the site. In the baited podcast Daniel has said that he "regrets it every fucking day. On April 18,Daniel's first major drama and controversy on his DramaAlert brand would arise with Bashurverse, a well-known Minecraft YouTuber over his past. Daniel would upload two videos on this matter, with the second one being uploaded on April 30, Many people in the YouTube community however criticized Daniel for belittling Bashur and driving him off the internet and destroying his YouTube career and how he got it wrong, used Bashur for clicks and ad revenue, and generally did not care about Bashur's wellbeing.

The drama also led to Bashur having several breakdowns on video, and Bashur leaving the internet for a while due to the hate he received. In OctoberDaniel and fellow drama channel Scarce then known as RED Scarce had a falling out in their relations and tensions would boil over on a stream on October 12, A heated exchange would occur back and forth between the two YouTubers resulting in Scarce uploading a video on Daniel a day later explaining the situation.

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Although the drama between the two would calm down for several months, it was not until January that Scarce would criticize Daniel over his reckless news coverage over RSGloryandGold. In summermany major YouTubers promoted Scarce over Daniel and scarce surpassed Daniel in terms of subscribers during that period but nevertheless Daniel regained his title of 1 Drama channel a year and a half later. Nevertheless tensions between the two have calmed down as of recent times.

Daniel eventually uploaded a Twitter video saying that he screwed up and the DramaAlert video was put on private.Daniel Keem born March 8,[1] better known by his online alias Keemstaris an American YouTuber and streamer. Keem's first appearance on YouTube was in a Halo 3 YouTube video fromwhere he was recorded through the online multiplayer voice-chat.

In Junehe registered the channel 'DramaAlert'. Keem often offers his own opinions on subjects he reports on.

Induring an argument with a moderator named Alex on the website BattleCam. In JanuaryKeem posted a tweet directed at TotalBiscuita YouTuber who had recently been diagnosed with terminal cancer, saying that he couldn't wait to report on his death. In Juneafter YouTuber Etika committed suicide, several Twitter users blamed Keem for 'egging on' the YouTuber, with much of the criticism founded in an interview earlier that year where Keem said "If you really think about it, then why live?

Just jump off a cliff.

He went on to say that he thought Etika's mental health issues were a publicity stunt, due to him seeming fine and wanting to guest star on DramaAlert. He has one brother and one sister. Keem has a young daughter named Mia.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Dramaalert. American YouTuber. Buffalo, New YorkU. YouTuberstreamer.

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Killer Keemstar DJ Keemstar [1]. Creator Awards. Retrieved September 2, August 12, We The Unicorns. BuzzFeed News. The Verge. International Business Times.

May 25, The Daily Dot. January 16, Crystal June 26, Without A Crystal Ball. The Washington Post. Archived from the original on June 26, Popular YouTubers Keemstar and h3h3 are locked in an online feud that may have led to the former losing a sponsorship with G Fuel, an esports-focused energy drink company. The assumption comes as a result of a recent video from h3h3 aimed at exposing some of Keemstar's past controversies.

Daniel Keem "Keemstar" runs a YouTube news show called DramaAlert that is better recognized for the content creator's antics than for actually disseminating information.

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Keem is, to be frank, an incredibly popular internet troll. His racist, sexist, bigoted tirades throughout his career have been highlighted repeatedly. Things apparently reached a boiling point for Ethan "h3h3" Klein, driving the YouTuber to publish a video titled "Content Nuke - Keemstar". The minute video examines the bulk of distasteful, unethical, and sometimes, illegal actions Keem has perpetrated on social media, while making sure to highlight that, despite all of these acts, G Fuel continues to sponsor him.

Amofah struggled publicly with severe mental issues, culminating in his unfortunate suicide in Prior to his death, Amofah, like Klein, had a well-known, public feud with Keem. Amofah was a frequent target of Keem on Twitter.

keemstar youtube

Examples of Keem calling Amofah's mental illnesses publicity stunts or labeling him as "weak" are plentiful, and they're still active on his Twitter account today. It's the instance of Klein's "Content Nuke" video where it draws the connections between Keem's aggression toward Amofah — which included suggesting he jump off a cliff Amofah died from leaping off a bridge — that people believe led to G Fuel discontinuing its support of the DramaAlert channel.

G Fuel hasn't given a public explanation for what ended its deal with Keemstar. Keem, in his response to the "Content Nuke", describes the breakup as him having "walked away" to save G Fuel from what he says was a series of attacks from people outraged by the video. G Fuel hasn't confirmed that it had any contact with Klein's fans or Keem's detractors, but the URL that links directly to G Fuel's webpage selling Keem's official flavor of the beverage now simply links to the company's home page.

The site's products page no longer includes the flavor either. G Fuel is no stranger to sponsoring problematic influencers, as it also proudly supports PewDiePie. Whether Keem willingly left the partnership himself, in an uncharacteristically considerate move, or G Fuel has chosen to distance itself from a man who is under fire for pushing a popular figure toward suicide is unknown.

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This story highlights the continuing theme of YouTube and Twitch stars being racist and morally bankrupt. Hubert has been a journalist in spirit since age six, and can't see any good reasons to argue with that, so here we are.

He spends most of his days working to leave the world a better place than it was when he showed up and trying to be better at Street Fighter. By Hubert Davis May 21, Share Tweet Email 0. Continue scrolling to keep reading Click the button below to start this article in quick view. Related Topics Tech youtube. About The Author Hubert has been a journalist in spirit since age six, and can't see any good reasons to argue with that, so here we are.


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